Princess Diana Was Not Pregnant At Time Of Death

Says coroner...

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Princess Diana Was Not Pregnant At Time Of Death
The manager of the London mortuary has publicly stated that Diana, Princess of Wales was not pregnant at the time of her death.

Mohammed Al Fayed, the father of Diana�s lover, Dodi who died with her in that Parisian car accident has often claimed that Diana and Dodi were murdered by agents of the crown who were desperate to conceal her condition.

However, Robert Thompson, manager of the mortuary where Diana�s body was taken in 1997 has rubbished Al Fayed�s theories by denying any pregnancy.

In a new documentary, �Who Killed Diana?� Thompson said: "I saw no evidence of pregnancy exposed during the post-mortem procedure, and indeed the pathologist said that she was not pregnant.

"Drawing together what I heard and what I saw on that day in the post-mortem room - the pathologist said to me: 'Well, she wasn't pregnant.' I saw no evidence of pregnancy within her body.

"My conclusion must be that she wasn't pregnant."

The documentary is to be screened on Sky One on August 21.
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