Cher's Son Disses Tom Cruise

And gives him some advice...

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The son of pop icon Cher has publicly slammed her ex-lover actor Tom Cruise for his ridiculous public behaviour.

Elijah Blue Allman has advised Cruise to refrain from talking about his personal life in public as his fan base is not falling for it.

Cruise dated Cher in the 1980�s and the couple even lived together for a while, but Allman believes Cruise has significantly changed since then.

All man said to Us Weekly: "He was totally different. We lived with him for a couple of years.

"(Now) he shouldn't be trying to help his career by talking about his personal life. People aren't buying into his whole act."

Allman is not trying to make any friends, last week while appearing on the Howard Stern show he alleged that he had slept with Paris Hilton and after was forced to scrub down his genitalia with disinfectant in case he caught anything from the promiscuous socialite.


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