EastEnder's Dirty Den Attempted Suicide After Sex Scandal

He explains his web cam shame...

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EastEnder's Dirty Den Attempted Suicide After Sex Scandal
Former EastEnders actor Leslie Grantham has revealed that he tried to kill himself in the wake of his internet sex scandal.

Grantham aka Dirty Den claims he started having sex over the internet as he was so bored with life on the set of EastEnders, however, since he has stopped using the internet.

Dirty Den was caught using a web cam in his dressing room at EastEnders� Elstree Studios, after his shame pictured in several YUK tabloids, Dirty Den decided life was not worth living and tried to take his own life.

The News of the World has recently printed extracts from his new autobiography �Life and Other Times� that show just how depresses Grantham really was.

The extract reads: "I let everyone down, my wife Jane, my children and the show. Life didn't seem worth living,"

Grantham goes onto to describe his suicide attempts that included slashing his wrists, hanging himself from a tree and wading into a lake weighed down by bricks.

When he tried to hang himself Grantham found that the nylon rope he had chosen simply stretched until his feet touched the ground.

He said: "I opened my eyes and, finding myself in Wimbledon rather than in heaven or hell, accepted that, even at suicide, I was crap.

"Thank God, I got caught. I don't have to lie about this any more. Now I'm just trying to get on with my life.�

While at the same time, making a little bit of mullah�clever boy.