Steve Irwin's Wife 'Devastated' By South Park Lampooning

She worries her kids will see it...

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Steve Irwin's Wife 'Devastated' By South Park Lampooning

Steve Irwin�s widow is said to be �devastated� after learning her late husband has been lampooned by South Park.

Terri Irwin is said to be concerned her two young children will see the episode, made just two months after his death from a stingray barb - which Australian channel SBS say they will broadcast in the next two years.

A friend of Terri is quoted as saying, �Terri is devastated Steve is being mocked in such a cruel way. Her worry is that Bindi and Bob will see it and break down.

"Steve had as big a sense of humour as anyone, but this goes too far too soon."

Steve�s British naturalist pal Mark Amey has also slammed the satirical American cartoon comedy, dubbing it �distasteful s***�.

He says, �My message to people is don't watch the show. It's distasteful s**t. Let's hope none of Steve's fans who keep poisonous animals happen to find the addresses of those behind the show and leave them a nice surprise."

Perhaps not the wisest words considering Irwin fans supposedly tracked down and maimed stingrays following the TV star�s tragic accident.

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