Wentworth Miller Denies That He's Gay

Amid a host of rumours...

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Wentworth Miller Denies That He's Gay

He may be a heartthrob to millions of women around the world but that hasn�t stopped Prison Break star Wentworth Miller having to deny he�s gay.

Rumours have circulated recently the Miller is homosexual amidst the circus that has circled his private life since became a star.

However, he told Nine News: "No, I'm not gay. I know these rumours are out there... I'm cool with the fact that they exist, I mean this is about fantasy. Certain people are going to have certain fantasies.

"If someone wants to imagine me with a woman, or a man or one of each, that's cool with me as long as you keep watching the show."

We think the women will keep watching Wentworth!