Len Wiseman: I’m Taking Kate On A Holiday

Will the sex-starved actress finally get her way...

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Len Wiseman: I’m Taking Kate On A Holiday

Who can forget when Kate Beckinsale told the world she was sexually deprived.

Men around the world stood up in protest as the Pearl Harbor star bemoaned about her lack of sex life with hubby Len Wiseman, and his hectic work schedule.

�I�ve felt so lonely because Len has been a virtual stranger for several months now,� she told Sunday �He basically only comes home to sleep.�

�I�ve told him he�s going to have to make it up to me; I won�t let him out of bed for a month!�

Well Kate might finally get her way. We caught up with the Director at the premiere of his new film Die Hard 4.0, and questioned him about his wife�s little dilemma.

�The minute this is all over we�re off on vacation� said an excited Wiseman.

Wiseman, you�re a lucky man.