Keith Urban: Staying Sober Will Be Easy

Because he's happy now...

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Keith Urban: Staying Sober Will Be Easy

Keith Urban says keeping sober will be easy after his recent relapse following his marriage to Nicole Kidman.

The singer went back to rehab in December after suffering a relapse to his long-running sobriety despite marrying Kidman only months previously.

However, Urban says having come through the treatment, he is now finding his life so much easier he�s confident of staying sober.

When asked whether it�s difficult staying on the wagon he says, �Actually it's not. The other way for me was much tougher because I was not really living.

�I was choosing the option not to feel and in the last few months I've felt that I'm alive, engaged in my own life, present and accountable. The irony is I'm becoming the person I was trying to be all along."

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