Frank Lampard's Sticky Situation

The Chelsea footballer exits a London nightclub sporting some dodgy-looking stains on his jeans...

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Frank Lampard's Sticky Situation
Photo: WENN

Footballer Frank Lampard emerged bleary-eyed from a London nightclub, apparently unaware that he was sporting several unsightly stains on the groin region of his jeans.

The Chelsea star looked dazed and made no attempt to hide the offending marks when he was confronted by photographers as he left Mahiki, after a night of out with cousin Jamie Redknapp.

At one point, an unidentified female reached for Frank's crotch but it was too late - the wet patch had been caught on camera.

So did Frank suffer a mishap during his sushi supper at Nobu Berkeley? Was it a wayward Mahiki cocktail? Or could it be something else?

Check out the evidence here and be sure to let us know your findings.