Debbie Nelson: 'Eminem Is A Liar'

Marshall Mathers mother has penned a tell-all book with some shocking allegations...

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Debbie Nelson: 'Eminem Is A Liar'
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Eminem’s mother has come out swingin’ with claims that her son lied about his trailer park childhood to become a successful rapper.

Debbie Nelson has penned a tell-all book which claims that Marshall Mathers III invented his “trailer trash” image to be accepted in the hip-hop industry.

In her tell-all book 'My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem', Nelson wrote:

"After his first album 'Infinite' flopped, he reinvented himself as white trailer trash with a crazy welfare mom. I was shocked when I first heard the lyrics - but he constantly reassured me it was all a big joke. I went along with it for Marshall's sake."

According to Nelson – who has been the subject of Eminem’s disaffection in a flurry of his songs - insists she has written the tome to "set the record straight".

Penned by British ghost writer Annette Witheridge, Nelson reveals that Mathers attacked her on his 23rd birthday. Moreover she also claims Eminem is a manic depressive and was so "strung out" he can't remember much of 1999 - the year he first married his childhood sweetheart Kim.

Eminem's representative is yet to comment on Nelson's claims.

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