Matthew McConaughey: 'I Still Play Naked Bongos'

Actor refuses to give up favourite pastime...

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Matthew McConaughey: 'I Still Play Naked Bongos'

Matthew McConaughey hasn’t given up playing naked bongos, despite famously being caught-in-the-act by cops a few years back.

Matt hit the headlines in 1999 when he was arrested for marijuana possession after being found at home playing the bongos in the buff.

But the embarrassing incident hasn’t put the actor off one of his favourite pastimes.

He tells the February issue of Playboy: “I think everybody should do it at least 100 times. I’ve done it since, too. Oh yeah, bro, I love playing drums naked. Who doesn’t like comfort and music?”

The actor also reveals why he’s rarely seen wearing a shirt.

"Well, I grew up in the country and didn't wear shirts or shoes," the Texas native explains.

"My mom didn't even put a bathing suit on us in the country club until we were nine."

Suddenly it all makes sense...