Kate Moss's 34-Hour Birthday Bender

And the party's still in full swing...

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Kate Moss's 34-Hour Birthday Bender
Photo: WENN

Kate Moss yesterday embarked on a marathon 34-hour booze bender to mark her 34th birthday.

The celebrations began with champagne at the Dorchester at 2.30pm yesterday afternoon, followed by a few hours of pampering in preparation for the long night ahead.

Kate had her hair curled into 20s-style ringlets and a giant gold star painted across one eye to match her twinkling chiffon frock.

Then it was off to London nightclub Punk, where the aging supermodel knocked back Cristal and vodka cocktails with guests including boy-toy Jamie Hince, party pals Davinia Taylor, Meg Mathews and Kelly Osbourne, and, er, Jools Holland.

Finally it was back to the Dorchester at 2pm to continue the party in more private surroundings.

Check out pics of Kate’s marathon birthday bender here!

That's gonna be one hell of a hangover...

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