Has Miley Cyrus Had Her Teeth Fixed?

The Hannah Montana star's smile looks a lot brighter...

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Has Miley Cyrus Had Her Teeth Fixed?
Photo: WENN

A new report claims that Miley Cyrus has undergone dental work to correct her snaggletoothed smile.

After comparing two photos of the Hannah Montana actress, Star magazine noticed her bottom row of gnashers looked a lot straighter, and her front teeth are noticeably less prominent.

Having spotted the visible difference, the publication asked Michael D. Kosdon, a dentist in California, his expert opinion of Miley’s newly transformed teeth.

He said: "It looks as though she's had some porcelain veneers put on her front teeth.

“And her small incisors appear to have been covered to make them look longer and more balanced with the rest of her mouth."

Do you think Miley has had dental work carried out? Have a look at these two photos of Miley from 2006 and 2008 and be sure to leave your comments below.


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