Jennifer Grey Hated Working With Patrick Swayze

Fearing they wouldn't have the right chemistry for Dirty Dancing...

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Jennifer Grey Hated Working With Patrick Swayze
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Jennifer Grey was distraught when she found out she was to star opposite Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, because the actress hated working with him in a previous film.

The co-stars first worked together on Red Dawn, an experience Grey strongly disliked, and when she discovered she was to work with the Hollywood hunk again in the cult 1987 film, she threw a hissy fit.

Producer Linda Gottlieb recalls: "When Jennifer heard that Patrick was playing the part she was not a happy camper.

"They had performed together in Red Dawn and I gather that was not a wonderful working relationship.

"They had very different temperaments - Jennifer is a kind of spontaneous girl and she'd be very emotional; she would cry easily. Patrick is the exact opposite."

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