Rihanna Says 'No' To Playboy

Because her mother would 'kill' her...

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Rihanna Says 'No' To Playboy
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She's known for her raunchy and revealing line in stage wear but we're unlikely see Rihanna gracing the pages of Playboy any time soon.

The Good Girl Gone Bad insists she wouldn't pose nude for fear of offending her mother.

She says, "I am only 20 so my mother would kill me if I posed nude!

"When I did that metallic body paint stuff for my video, I didn't do it to show my body.

"I didn't do it for people to like me. I did it because it was a cool visual, unexpected, and it looked hot."

She adds, "I have done a lot of photo shoots for magazines but it's always great to be shot for a cover because you know that you are looked at as a fashion icon."

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