Andy Dick Exposed Teenage Girl's Breasts

The 'funnyman' posts bail following his latest sexcapade...

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Andy Dick Exposed Teenage Girl's Breasts
Photo: WENN

Andy Dick was busted yesterday after he walked up to a teenage girl and exposed her breasts.

Witnesses to the incident obviously didn't see the funny side and reported his inappropriate behaviour to police who caught up with comic in Murieta, California.

The US 'funnyman' has since posted $5,000 bail.

Witness told officers Dick had walked up to a 17-year-old female outside a chicken wings food restaurant and "grabbed her tank top and bra and pulled them down and exposed her breasts".

Cops stopped Dick and friends at a nearby discount grocery store after they had driven away from the establishment in a truck.

Officers who found marijuana and Xanax in Dick's pockets during a curbside search added the star was "extremely intoxicated".

The latest arrest is not Dick's first run-in with police - the funnyman was arrested in 2004 for indecent exposure when he flashed his bum at a local McDonald's. Just last year, (Aug07) he was cited by police for urinating on the pavement and a building following a comedy club performance in Ohio.