Jessica Simpson Tells Tony Romo's Family: 'I'm Pregnant!'

Ditzy singer misreads pregnancy test...

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Jessica Simpson Tells Tony Romo's Family: 'I'm Pregnant!'
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Jessica Simpson mistakenly announced to Tony Romo’s family that she was pregnant, it's claimed.

The couple were reportedly so thrilled when a home pregnancy test revealed she was expecting a child that they rushed share their baby joy with Tony's family.

Unfortunately, the news went down like a lead balloon with Jess's in-laws.

“There was a huge fight on July 18 at the Romo home. Jessica and Tony thought she was pregnant and happily announced it to the family,” a source told the National Enquirer.

“The news resulted in dead silence. Then Tony’s dad Ramiro said, ‘You’re not married. This is crazy!’ Tony’s mom Joan joined in, demanding, ‘How can you do this to us?’”

They needn't have worried - the report claims that Jessica was later forced to admit it was a false alarm after she misread the test.

But it seems that this incident hasn't dampened her urge to start a family.

A source adds, “Her friends know she’s feverishly trying to conceive.”

No doubt dad Joe will be vetting all future pregnancy tests before they go public...

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