Britney Spears Gets Naked In Video Sauna Scene

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Britney Spears Gets Naked In Video Sauna Scene

Britney Spears kicks off the new Womanzier video completely starkers in a steamy sauna.

The singer then hops into a skimpy nightdress to cook her lover breakfast.

Britney has no doubt regained her fabulous figure as she turns into three different characters for the music video.

The star wears different wigs – she’s a redhead waitress, a blonde chauffeur and a raven-haired sexy secretary.

The single is from her forthcoming album Circus which is out on December 2 – on  Brit’s 27th birthday.

Could this be Britney's sexiest video yet?

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See Brit in her birthday suit below

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Is Britney as hot as she once was?

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