Robert Pattinson Drops Independent Film To Work On 'Twilight' Sequel

The superstar makes a career-altering decision...

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Robert Pattinson Drops Independent Film To Work On 'Twilight' Sequel
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Robert Pattinson has dropped out of starring in an independent film to work on the Twilight sequel New Moon later this year.

The actor - whose role in the franchise has catapulted him to superstar status - is unable to begin work on Parts Per Billion produced by actress/producer Rosario Dawson.

Instead, he will focus on reprising his role in the vampire flick sequel - which bosses have reportedly sugar-coated with a multi-million dollar contract.

Rob's rep tells, "Unfortunately, the prep time and production schedule on New Moon haven't left enough time for Robert to work on Parts Per Billion in the first quarter of this year."

Twilight is a romantic sci-fi drama which sees an anti-blood drinking vampire (Robert) fall for a human girl played by Kristen Stewart.

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After an uncredited role in 2004 movie 'Vanity Fair', Robert makes his big screen debut proper as Cedric Diggory in 2005's Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire