Angelina Jolie Hates 'Saggy' Post-Twins Body?

The mother-of-six is feeling insecure...

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Angelina Jolie Hates 'Saggy' Post-Twins Body?
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Angelina Jolie is reportedly struggling to come to terms with her body following the birth of the twins – despite partner Brad Pitt's insistence that she “looks more beautiful than ever.”

The actress and mother-of-six – who gave birth to her youngest, Knox and Vivienne, last July - is said to be particularly insecure over her “saggy” tummy and drooping breasts.

"After giving birth to [daughter] Shiloh nearly three years ago, Angelina was so overwhelmed and happy that her body was the least of her worries,” a source tells Now magazine.

“She was still happy with the way things looked and felt.

"But since having the twins, she's found it impossible to ignore the insecurities that keep rising to the surface.

"The biggest issues for her are her breasts - which she says are smaller and not as firm as they were before she breast-fed three children - and her stomach, which she's described as 'saggy'.

"She's frustrated because no matter how much exercise she does, there's still some skin and wrinkles."

Brad is reportedly doing his best to boost Angelina's body confidence but to no avail.

The source adds, "Brad won't hear her put herself down. He listens and tells her to do what she needs to do to make herself happy.

"However, he also tells her he likes her body and thinks she looks more beautiful than ever. Brad adores the fact they've created life and she's nurtured it with the body he loves.

"If Angelina complains that she looks old and tired compared to two years ago, Brad tells her to rest and take some time out. She has a tendency to take on too much and try to be perfect, even when he reassures her that she can't be a superwoman.

"They've talked about adopting more children, which is something Angelina wants to do - even though she's already tired looking after six.

"The problem is that, although Brad loves her, it's Angelina herself who needs to learn to love her own new body, just like millions of other moms around the world."

Angelina has certainly be hiding her 'saggy' bits well during recent red carpet appearances - see her looking banging in black at the BAFTAs below...

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