Jennifer Love Hewitt's 'Sexiest Ever' Photoshoot?

You decide...

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Jennifer Love Hewitt strips down to her undies in what Maxim are calling her “sexiest ever” photoshoot.

Shrugging off continued focus on her weight, the actress poses seductively in lingerie for new pictures that prove she hasn't lost all of her curves.

Jennifer famously hit back at her detractors with “a size 2 is not fat!” following the publication of unflattering photos of her in a bikini in 2007.

Although she vowed not to lose weight over the snaps at the time, the Ghost Whisperer star looked unhealthily skinny during a recent public appearance, prompting speculation she has taken the cruel jibes about her size to heart.

But there's no doubting J-Love looks fabulous in front of the camera below...

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