Brad Pitt Visits Angelina Jolie On Salt Set As Split Reports Continue

The actor takes time off promotional duties...

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Brad Pitt Visits Angelina Jolie On Salt Set As Split Reports Continue
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Brad Pitt defied reports that he and Angelina Jolie live virtually separate lives (except for the odd red carpet show of unity) by visiting the Washington DC set of Salt on Monday.

Looking typically laid-back in newsboy hat, shades and a white T-shirt, the actor was snapped apparently minus any of their six children.

The couple's rep recently called tabloid reports the pair are on the verge of spitting "absolutely not true."

Still, that hasn't halted speculation that all is not well in their relationship, with various publications seemingly trying to out-do each other with the juiciness of their tabloid tales.

Earlier this week it was claimed the pair are living apart on the Long Island estate they are renting while Angelina films Salt in and around New York.

And according to the latest issue of Star magazine, Brad has confided in ex-wife Jennifer Aniston that he feels "trapped" by the demands of Angelina and their brood.

"Brad told Jen, 'I feel trapped,'" says a source. "He says he can’t leave, but he doesn’t want to stay. He’s been confiding in Jen a lot lately...

"He’s really struggling. He loves the kids, but the constant traveling, the endless film shoots and Angie wanting more kids...the tension between them is taking its toll.

"Brad says he hasn’t slept with Angie for weeks. She gets ready for bed alone and locks the door to their bedroom and won’t let him in!"

The 'insider' adds: "If he could take off, he would. But he knows he can’t, and it’s tearing him up inside.

"Brad told Jen in one heart-wrenching phone call that he feels he has to be there for his boys.

"They look up to him so much. And the girls, Zahara and Shiloh, are his little angels. He adores them. Shiloh, especially, is daddy’s little girl. And Knox and Viv are growing so fast and demand his attention. He can’t stand the thought of not seeing these kids every day.

"[Jennifer and Brad] text, they talk - it’s like she’s his lifeline. She wants him to know that she’s still there for him.”

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