Michael Jackson's Face 'Appears' On Tree Stump - Photos

Holy Jesus Juice, it's a miracle!!...

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Michael Jackson's Face 'Appears' On Tree Stump - Photos
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First Michael Jackson's 'ghost' moonwalks through Neverland, now the face of the late singer has miraculously shown itself on a tree stump in Stockton, California.

Fans have flocked to the town after local Felix Garcia spotted the 'likeness' while gardening a few days after the star's death.

"I was standing by that bush, and I looked up and saw that image here," Garcia says of the moment he discovered Jacko's face.

"I walked up to it, and I said, man, this looks like Michael Jackson."

Barking mad? Michael Jackson's face as it appears on the tree stump in Stockton, California

Since his discovery, Garcia said neighbors and complete strangers have been dropping by to take a look.

A close-up of the MJ 'likeness'

Neighbour Juanita Hernandez agrees the singer can be seen in the stump.

She said: "You can see it. There's something there."

Fans flock to the stump to bear witness to the miracle of MJ's face

Garcia said he believed the image most resembled MJ in his early twenties before plastic surgery.

"I just hope it lasts a long time," he added.

"I hope to take some pictures of it and blow them up because there are a lot of people who loved him."

We can't help thinking that if Michael's face were to appear somewhere, it would be in some plastic.

Still, the unusual shrine could provide an alternative focal point for the thousands of fans who missed out on tickets to the Staples Centre memorial service, although we doubt it.

In case you missed it, here's footage of MJ's ghost (or a shadow) as it roams the rooms of his Neverland mansion:

RIP Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009

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Michael Joseph Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana on August 29, 1958. He was the seventh child of nine children to Joseph and Katherine Jackson and was born into a typical working class family. The city of Gary is 25 miles from downtown Chicago and is famous for its massive steel industry. It took its name from the chairman of U.S. Steel, Elbert H Gary, and is nicknamed 'City of Century' – we're hoping for ironic reasons. (Image: WENN.com)