Gerard Butler And Jennifer Aniston 'Love' Dating Rumours

They find them funny, he says...

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Gerard Butler And Jennifer Aniston 'Love' Dating Rumours
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Gerard Butler has said he and Jennifer Aniston love reading rumours that they are dating.

The two actors have been persistently linked with each other since they filmed forthcoming movie The Bounty earlier this year.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Butler laughed off the reports – and also suggested he was the man everyone Hollywood celebrity wanted to date.

"Jen and I love it when there's three rumours in a day,” Butler said. “One day we were dating, we had split up and she was pregnant with John Mayer's baby!"

He added: "Everyone in Hollywood fancies me because I'm a manly man. Jen, Cameron Diaz, they all do... they love me.

“I mean, there aren't many real men in Hollywood, let's face it.

“No, I'm only joking, but it's so flattering that people could think that any of those girls would be interested in me."

Last week, Butler, who is currently promoting new film The Ugly Truth, claimed he would turn down Aniston if she ever asked him out.

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