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Ellen DeGeneres gave David Beckham a shock when he appeared on her chat show yesterday.

DeGeneres unveiled a scantily clad photoshopped picture of the pair, which showed the chat show host lying on top of David.

The billboard poster was a specially adapted version of the footballer's advertising campaign for Armani, which normally features his wife Victoria.

Ellen clings on to David Beckham in fake advert.

The former Spice Girl, who was in the audience with two of the couple's children, described the airbrushed picture as “so funny”.

As well as outside the studio, the poster was also displayed in New York's Times Square, Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles and  Liverpool Station in England.

David Beckham gets his own back on the chat show host.

But DeGenres wasn't the only one with a surprise.

David thrilled the chat show's female audience when he revealed he was wearing boxer shorts with “Ellen” on.

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