Marge Simpson Turns Saucy Housewife In Playboy Spread - Pictures

See 'Springfield's Sexiest Celebrity' in the buff!!...

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It's what cartoon-fanciers the world over have been waiting for – it's Marge Simpson's hotly-anticipated Playboy spread! And it's...confusing.

Homer's long-suffering wife is the star pin-up in the latest issue of the adult magazine, and lives up to her 'Springfield's Sexiest Celebrity' billing with a sizzling shoot.

In one shot, she flashes part of a breast as she sits in just stockings, a garter belt and red heels, with Homer's clearly approving shadow leering over her.

In another, the Springfield housewife serves up doughnuts - one of her husband's many favourite snacks - in a see-though nightie.

Though Marge does expose rather more yellow skin than we're used to seeing, Matt Groening and co. haven't sketched any Simpsons intimate lady areas for the saucy shoot.

In her 'Model Data Sheet', which also appears in the magazine, Marge gives her height (with hair) as 6ft 6ins, and her vital statistics as 26-26-26 (although her pictures here suggest she may be under-estimating her bust size substantially.)

She refuses to give her weight or date of birth (odd, as she never ages or puts on weight) but does reveal that her biggest turnoff is, "Slim men who work out regularly and take care of their bodies and whose gilded muscles glean in the sun when they take off their shirts.”

Not a big Taylor Lautner fan, then?

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