Courtney Love Quits Plastic Surgery After Meeting 'Freaky' Jocelyn Wildenstein

Despite needing another 'boob lift'...

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Courtney Love has vowed to stop meddling with her appearance after meeting "freaky"-faced plastic surgery victim, Jocelyn Wildenstein.

The former Hole singer has been open about her various nips and tucks over the years, including botched procedures on her nose, breasts and lips.

Catwoman in training? Courtney (right) and Jocelyn Wildenstein (left)

But she claims to have quit plastic surgery after a scary encounter with Wildenstein, who is dubbed the The Bride of Wildenstein after undergoing £2million-worth of procedures to give her feline features.

"I could do with another boob lift, but no way,” said Courtney. "I don't want to end up looking like her. She looked freaky."

God forbid Courtney should end up looking freaky!

Courtney Love's plastic surgery journey

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