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Stars come out in force to support Haiti...

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Along with wearing the right dress, jewellery is the next important part of an awards outfit. For  Hollywood's hottest A-Listers, that means wearing the biggest, most extravagant and expensive sets that they can get their hands on.

But the 67th Golden Globes awards which took place on Sunday was slightly different.

In the wake of the devastating earthquake that shook Haiti, stars including Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz either opted for very minimal jewellery or nothing at all to go with their beautiful dresses.

Drew Barrymore, like many other stars, chose to minimise jewellery.

Instead of gold and diamonds being draped around their necks and wrists, they wore red, yellow and blue ribbons on their dresses or bags to show their support of the relief work currently taking place in Haiti.

It seems as though the stars who are worth millions want to carry on giving.

Meanwhile, you can see a full list of winners from last night's Golden Globes here

Stars Tone Down Their Outfits


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