Matt Dillon: 'I Never Wanted To Be An Actor'

Actor preferred music...

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Matt Dillon: 'I Never Wanted To Be An Actor'
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Matt Dillon has revealed that he never wanted to become an actor.

The 45-year-old has confessed that, at the time of his big break, he was more musically inclined: “I was always really good at drumming but the next thing I knew I was an actor.

Speaking of landing his first role aged 14, he told The Metro: “If I hadn’t got Over the Edge, I don’t think I would’ve thought about it.

“We’re all actors in a way. Sometimes you have to act as if you like someone’s blouse or something.”

Meanwhile, the actor puts his good looks down to an inner peace: “I’m lucky. I got my mother’s genes. But also I think the secret is never totally letting yourself go. I’m serious.

“I don’t watch my diet but I work out and do things that interest me, that give me happiness.”

Dillon, who was nominated for an Oscar for his tough-guy role in Crash, also believes in karma: “I think karma plays out in our lifetime. How do I know what happens in the next life? That’s how I see it. You reap what you sow.”

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