John Mayer Thanks His Fans

For believing in him...

By On

Do you remember the interview John Mayer gave to Playboy magazine where he spoke a bit too openly about the physical side of his relationship with Jessica Simpson and the remarks he said about race?

Yeah, we do too and lets just say that we were not impressed and neither was the rest of the media.

But John's fans stayed strong for the singer and supported him through the controversy and  last night he thanked his fans.

 According to MTV news, he said:

“I hate to come off like an a****** ever, and thank you guys for believing that I am not an a******.”

“Never, ever in my entire life did I ever think that it would be a good idea to be an a******. But you know what? There's plenty of a******s who think the same thing, so I have to thank you...It's a clean me now, people, clean me.”

We really do hope John has learnt his lesson...

What do you think? Do you think John has learnt his lesson?

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