Does Kristen Stewart Have Her Nipple Pierced?

Observant fans think she has...

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Has Kristen Stewart got a nipple piercing?

Well it seems as though very observant fans of the actress thinks she does.

According to, fan's were quick to notice her chest when she appeared to be wearing a sheer grey top at the Burberry show in London.

One fan wrote:

“I was just taking a gander at these pics here and what pops to my attention!! the fact that her nipple is pierced! OMG! Thats awesome.”

But the speculation soon stopped when another fan commented:

“It's tape over her nipples so when you wear transparent shirts, nipples don't show, if you look at her right boob you can tell she has ones over her boobs, bit on her left one, it's just ruffled.”

What do you think?

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