Lindsay Lohan Accuses Her Dad Of Hurting His Family On Twitter

The 'actress' goes off on a rant...

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Lindsay Lohan has just this minute gone off on a bizarre and incoherent rant on her official Twitter account.

This is convienently timed with pictures appearing of her under a coat in the back of her Escalade, after leaving DRE'S Night club at the W Hotel in Hollywood.

Lilo went to the Drive-Thru at Wnedy's at 3.30am and can be seen with a tattoo down her arm that says "I'm A Star I'm A Star...

“Someone, who I’ve mentioned in the past, due to hitting me, punched me in the stomache tonight*i always ask myself, why? Why me?

“I swear to g-d I DON'T KNOW-but it hurt so much, I fell to the floor, and more so, I was used and ignored, welll then again.....
“Someone, which i've mentioned in the past, fell back into the person they used to be when they'd verbally&psychically abused&hurt me....

 “tonight, i'm sharing my utmost honest, truth, and care for any others that may live through this...when i say, that, I TOO, ALWAYS ask----->

“myself, again&again, "why? why me? i've been through enough, why me?" NO1 in this world, should EVER wish upon, any pain for any other---->

"it reminded me of when my father would verbally/literally HURT my mother, brothers, sister Aliana

"now, as scary for me-->mind, body&sould- it's been, why, i ask u? why me? i've worked so hard, and still work so hard in life-i try to do as

"fmuch as i can to put my fathers lack of appreciation-towards his family, friends, co-workers, dhioner towards himself , his denituy...."

This is all we have so far but as soon as there is anymore we'll update this post.


We're getting increasingly worried for the safety of Lindsay...

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