Selena Gomez Drives Fans Wild In London

The Wizards of Waverly Place star sings in London's HMV...

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Selena Gomez Drives Fans Wild In London
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Tonight we were lucky enough to go and see Selena Gomez perform in-store at HMV's Oxford Street store in London.

The flagship shop was packed with Selena fans, some of who had been queuing since 8pm last night!

We were pretty scared by some of the hard core fans who included a guy wearing bright pink lipstick and white fur jacket, who spent most of the time bitching about people around him and a small red haired girl who nearly got thrown out for threatening a bouncer! Eek!

But they soon perked up when Selena skipped onto the stage looking naturally gorgeous in dark blue jeans, black open toed boots, black jacket and cream blouse and greeted the screaming crowd.

There supporting Selena was her friend Chelsea Staub and of course the hundreds of fans that turned out to see her!

She performed three songs starting with Tell Me Something I Don’t Know followed by Falling Down.

Selena said: “Let me hear you sing it!” and the fans didn’t disappoint her, singing along to every word.
A pleased Selena said: “Thank you so much! You guys really knew the words as well. Thank you!”

And if you missed her this time, don’t worry as we think she’ll be back very soon.

“My trip to London has been absolutely incredible. We’re already talking about coming back”.

Selena finished her short set with her single, Naturally which is out today and encouraged the crowd to sing along and of course they did! She also thanked everyone for helping her debut at number six in the chart.

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