Joe Jonas And Demi Lovato Have Decided To 'Slow Down' Their Relationship

The couple have agreed on some time out...

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Joe Jonas And Demi Lovato Have Decided To 'Slow Down' Their Relationship
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We couldn’t have been happier when we heard that Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato were an item.

The pair who met on the set of Disney’s Camp Rock, started out as best of friends and then became serious earlier this year.

But all is not rosy between Joe and Demi, as reports have suggested that Joe wanted to “slow down” their relationship after he complained about how Demi had become dependent on him.

A source told, Zac Taylor: “Demi loves Joe so much, and knows he feels the same. Joe and her had a conversation the other night about how quickly the seriousness of the relationship was getting, and wanted to slow things down a bit.

“Obviously Demi didn’t like what he had to say, but she respects him, and the two are calming things down.”

But before you start to weep over another Hollywood relationship breakdown, the couple aren’t splitting up, they’re just taking some ‘time out’.

An insider said: “He doesn’t like everyone knowing everything, and that’s what ultimately pushed him over the top. They both care for each other a lot, just need a little ‘time out’. You can tell your Jemi fans not to worry, there is a summer of fun ahead!”

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These two are so cute together...

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