Justin Bieber Is Caught Sneaking Into The Adult Only Part Of A Cinema

The 16-year-old star was left feeling red faced when he was found out and removed...

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Justin Bieber Is Caught Sneaking Into The Adult Only Part Of A Cinema
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Poor Justin Bieber, he must be licking his wounds after suffering a hard fall back down to reality.

The 16-year-old pop sensation was left feeling red faced when his plan to sneak into the adult only section of the cinema he was in, was scuppered by the cinema staff.

According to OK!, Justin was at the Showcase Cinemamovie Theatre with his entourage to watch Russell Brand’s new movie, Get Him To The Greek and was seated in the general admission area of the cinema.

But not content with that, the teen star headed to the premium section, which is reserved for adults over the age of 21.

Unfortunately for Justin, the ‘don’t you know who I am?’ line didn’t work as the staff asked JB to return to his original seat.

A source said: “He sulked and said to the manager ‘Chuck E. Cheese sells alcohol and I have no problem getting in there’.”

Aww it’s so tough for celebrity teenagers these days isn’t it?

A spokesperson for the cinema commented: “We will be happy to invite Mr Bieber back when he is of legal age to enjoy our premium seating.”

Justin should count his lucky stars that he wasn’t on a date, otherwise that would have been even more embarrassing!

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The whole world has Bieber fever....

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