Robert Pattinson Thought Twilight Would Be A Flop

Because Kristen Stewart was cast...

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Robert Pattinson has revealed that he never predicted Twilight to be a huge hit, and his reason - because Kristen Stewart had been cast in the lead role!

But before anyone starts thinking that R-Patz is the worst (rumoured)  boyfriend ever for saying such a thing. The actor explained that it was because K-Stew had never done any big budget films before Twilight (Hmm Panic Room anyone?)

Rob told French magazine, Jetset: "When I did Twilight, I didn’t expect that success.

"First because it was directed by Catherine Hardwicke who comes from the independent cinema industry. And then because Kristen Stewart was cast. She had only done independent films."

He continued: "I thought it’d be a simple love story with vampires and that maybe it’d become a strange remembered film.

"Obviously, it became this huge phenomenon and no one had predicted it."

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Kristen quickly won Rob over...

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