Lea Michele Not Smiling With Glee

After being given fewer solos....

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Lea Michele Not Smiling With Glee
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Oh dear, it seems all is not well behind the scenes of the US hit show Glee.

According to reports, Lea Michele who plays uber perfectionist Rachel Berry, is upset over being given fewer solos.

According to Star magazine, the actress who has a Broadway musical background, believes that the second series has focused more on her cast mates than her.

A source revealed: "In the beginning, she was the biggest star.

"But some of the biggest episodes have taken attention away from her, like the Britney Spears show, which was all about Heather Morris (Brittany).

The source continued: "She thinks that because she has a Broadway background, the show was made for her."

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A REAL LIFE RACHEL BERRY? Lea has been accused of being "difficult" on the Glee set. One insider was reported as saying: "She has very clear ideas about what she wants to do and how she wants to look. I think she's just Type-A, like her character."