Are Joe Jonas And Ashley Greene To Blame For Demi Lovato Going To Rehab?

Fans have hit out...

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Are Joe Jonas And Ashley Greene To Blame For Demi Lovato Going To Rehab?
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We were shocked to hear that Disney starlet, Demi Lovato had checked herself into rehab for "emotional and physical issues." The star, who recently broke up with Jonas Brother Joe, seemed like a normal teen who was enjoying what she was doing.

However, that wasn't the case and fans of Demi's have lashed out at Joe Jonas and his new girlfriend and Twilight actress Ashley Greene, blaming the pair for Demi's breakdown.

Although there is no confirmation that Demi's stint in rehab has anything to do with Joe and Ashley, it hasn't stopped the singer's fans taking to social networking sites to vent their feelings.

Celebuzz reports one Twitter user tweeting: "Joe, being a best friend to demi, dated or "played" with her, dumbed her, forgot about her, dating Ashley. Thank you @JoeJonas."

Another fan tweeted: "@JoeJonas You officially lost my love and respect."

Switching the blame to Ashley, who was in Ecuador with Joe Jonas when Demi went into rehab, another fan tweeted:

"Hey @AshleyMGreene? You have a lot of nerve to post on twitter acting as if nothing is happening. You're the reason for Demi's breakdown, we all know that. Emotional abuse from you, and your friends. You are lower than a snake on the ground."

Ooo harsh words.

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