Cameron Diaz Shows Off Her Killer Legs On TV

The actress is looking buff...

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Cameron Diaz is back on the publicity trail after holidaying with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez in Hawaii and looks amazing for it.

Tanned and enviably toned, Cameron appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's late night TV show to promote her new film, The Green Hornet.

Cameron flaunted her killer legs in a short back dress and showed off her muscles to the talkshow host revealing that for her, the "whole purpose” of travelling around the world on promotional tours “is to eat in my favourite restaurants".

Jimmy asked: "Do you really eat a lot?

"Because I find that hard to believe - because I eat a lot and this is what happens” he joked of his own weight.

She replied: "Yeah I eat a lot Jimmy - but I also exercise. Wait a minute do you want me to write that down?"

Oh to look like Cameron and be just as witty....

Those legs...

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