Brad Pitt Moves His Parents Into His House

Is there even enough room?!...

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Brad Pitt Moves His Parents Into His House
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The term 'three's a crowd' can't really be applied to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, what with their six kids and all, and it looks as though it's going to get a lot more crowded in the Jolie-Pitt household after rumours have suggested that Brad's parents are moving in with him and Angie.

According to the Sun, Brad and Ange have decided to leave the bright lights of Hollywood and set up home permanently in their £35million Chateau Miravel estate in the South of France.

It is thought that Brad's parents will help with the childcare when Brad and Angie are busy.

A source revealed: "The whole family is going to move there as soon as the renovations are done. At the moment they have six nannies – one for each of the kids – and the plan is to get rid of the helpers and rely on Bill and Jane.

"The annexe they will live in is an old building which used to be used as a dovecote. It's big enough to have a sitting room, kitchen and a couple of bedrooms. It will make a lovely little cottage for them."

Revealing that stablility for the children was the main reason for settling in France, the source added: "They don't want them dragged around the world any longer. Brad is traditional and wants them to put down roots and have friends and go to the same school, rather than constantly moving.

"The plan is both of them will do voiceover work in a recording studio in the chateau's grounds. Other than that, they'll pretty much retire from Hollywood for a while."

Brad and Ange play with the kids in the park...


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