Zac Efron Looks Sexy And Very Manly

He's really growing up...

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Just as Vanessa Hudgens revealed she understands why girls have a thing for bad boys, her ex-boyfriend Zac Efron is seen out looking like the epitome of a heart breaker.

The former High School Musical star has shown that he's left Troy far behind as he was photographed on the set of his upcoming movie, New Year's Eve.

The actor recently bulked up for his role as a marine in The Lucky One and has added to his more manly appearance by growing sexy stubble and wearing plenty of leather jackets. Yum.

To top it all off, Zac popped on a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses and our James Dean fantasy is pretty much complete.

If you don't want him Vanessa, we'll quite happily have your sloppy seconds!

Zac's hottest moments...

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