Vanessa Hudgens Wants To Date A 'Dork'

The actress just loves em!

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Vanessa Hudgens Wants To Date A 'Dork'
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Despite dating one of the hottest actors in Hollywood, the beautiful Vanessa Hudgens has revealed that she would actually like to date a "dork".

The actress, who split up with Zac Efron after four years together last year, told Cosmopolitan Australia what her dream man would look like.

"I want to look at someone on the inside before judging, because, especially in my business, people get judged all the time. I want to be one to judge people right off the bat.

"In sixth grade, I dated the smallest and skinniest kid in class. I like the dorks. For me, it’s about what’s on the inside.”

Could that have been the reason why Vanessa broke up with Zac because he wasn't dorky enough?!

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