Is Kourtney Kardashian Moving To New York

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Is Kourtney Kardashian Moving To New York
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It looks as though New York City has really made an impression on Kourtney Kardashian after she spent months living there whilst filming Kourtney and Kim Take New York.

In a recent interview with CLIQ magazine, Kourtney revealed that she and partner Scott Disick have been considering making Manhattan their permanent base.

She said: "We keep going back and forth. Scott [Disick] has had a place in New York since he was born, so we go there a lot.

"Now that we have a store in New York, we have a reason to go back. I'd love to be bicoastal."

However, Kourtney admits that living in NYC has its downfalls when you've got a baby. She admitted: "If I want to go somewhere far and want to take Mason, it's just hard with a car seat in a taxi."

Of opening DASH in the city, Kourtney said: "Miami is flip flops and jean shorts. In New York, it's all about fashion. Our store was three times the size, so we had to order more merchandise.

"In New York, after the second day we had to order another cash register and it was harder to find employees. I thought Kim wouldn't have been as helpful in New York, but she was."

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