Lady Gaga Will Premiere 'Judas' On American Idol

The controversy will come to a head on the week of May 2nd...

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Lady Gaga Will Premiere 'Judas' On American Idol
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Finally, we have a date! Lady Gaga's much-anticipated music video for the controversial Judas will premiere on American Idol the week of May 2nd....

Interscope Records made the announcement on its Twitter account, adding that more details would be on the way.

Laurieann Gibson, creative director to Gaga, hasn't exactly put a stop to rumours that this video will have everybody talking: "It's a phenomenal video: really powerful, really impactful... and it's really going to shock the world."

Nothing like blowing your own trumpet there, Gibson! And we're not completely sure that 'impactful' is a real word. But we don't blame you this time round... the lyrics alone have caused a bit of an upheaval in the Christian community. We're not going to sit here and quote the entire song, but possibly the lines "In the most Biblical sense, I am beyond repentance. Fame hooker, prostitute wench..." didn't translate so well. In the most Biblical sense, of course!

However, we can't wait for the video to finally hit the screen. It's already been confirmed that Gaga herself will play Mary Magdalene, whilst Norman Reedus will take up the role of Judas. Amazing, huh? That's something you don't see everyday!

What does Madame Monster have to say on the subject?

"Happy Easter Twitterland. JUDAS is about forgiveness+perseverance through struggle. Persevere today!"

Well now, that's pretty normal for Gaga. Except for the fact that she rounded things off by telling fans she was with the Easter Bunny and "he says hi."

Whatever. We love her for her madness!

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