Eva Longoria Plans Victoria Beckham's Baby Shower

The actress plans princess-pink party to celebrate Victoria's baby bump...

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Eva Longoria Plans Victoria Beckham's Baby Shower
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Whaddaya do when you find out your best celeb gal pal is preggers? Throw a party, obviously!

Having a baby in Hollywood is big news, so it makes sense that Eva Longoria has decided to throw BFF Victoria Beckham an awesome baby shower. In fact, the Desperate Housewives star is so looking forward to the first Beckham girl that she's taken baby showers to a whole new level...

With plenty of help from celebrity hairdresser Ken Paves, Eva will be hosting a special private party at LA's Beverly Wilshire hotel, with some of the biggest names in Tinseltown rumoured to make an appearance. With everyone from Katie Holmes to Heidi Klum on the guestlist, we have a feeling that there's going to be as many camera flashes as there were at the Oscars red carpet!

The Daily Mirror has reported that the entire shindig is going to be coloured up in princess-pink. "As well as having baby-pink cupcakes and marshmallow towers, pink bubbly will be stored in a huge, ice-filled pram." Uh-huh. Sounds kinda cute, we guess. If Barbie ever has to plan a baby shower, we're pretty sure she'll be calling Eva.

After the big present swapping tea-party, it's been reported that some of Posh's closest pals will join her and Eva at Beso (Longoria's restaurant) for dinner, adding some adult glamour to proceedings.

Obviously our postman's been more than a little bit slack lately... not only did he forget our Beckham baby invite, but he also misplaced our ticket to the Royal Wedding. Yiesh.

Whatever. It's time to get on Beckham baby bump watch...


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