Kelly Osbourne Plays With Her Dogs Testicles!

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We know that some celebrities treat their pets like children and we kind of get that. Paris Hilton only gives her pups the best and Jennifer Aniston is thought to be devastated by the death of her dog Norman.

That's all well and good but we think Kelly Osbourne might have taken her love her her pet pooch a little bit too far.

During an appearance on Chelsea Lately, Kelly was keen to show off her pet Pomeranian's testicles and even admitted that she likes playing with them!

She said: "He's like a little lion.

"He has to have his balls so that he can have babies and I can have more of him."

Chelsea told the audience: "Kelly said backstage that she likes to sometimes play with his balls."

Whilst giving the dog's 'bits' a rub, Kelly replied: “No, but they're the cutest thing.

"He's so small but his d**k is so big!"

We're really not sure what to say about that. It's all a bit too bizarre...

Celebs and their pampered pooches...

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