Mother Of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Love Child Never Went Public

Mildred 'Patty' Baena kept quiet for all these years...

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Mother Of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Love Child Never Went Public
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The road outside Mildred Baena's home is currently blocked with news vans all desperate to catch a glimpse of Arnold Schwarzenegger's former housekeeper and the son he fathered with her.

However, the media attention surrounding Patty, as she likes to be called, was not caused by her.
In fact, she never went public with their affair and has been supportive of Arnie for the past 14-years.

TMZ reports that they and the Los Angeles Times were digging for the story almost a week before it broke and this is why Arnold came forward and told the truth first.

In fact, the site reports that Patty flatly denied that her 14-year-old son was Arnie's when asked by the newspaper and has maintained that Arnold was always 'generous' towards her.

What do you make of this story? Was Armie mad to think he could get away with his indiscretion forever?

Arnie's not alone...

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