Prince Harry Talks About His Marriage Plans

Is William's brother planning to tie the knot?...

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With Prince William marrying his sweetheart Kate Middleton in a lavish ceremony just over a month ago, we wondered if the nuptials would get his younger brother, Prince Harry in the mood to wed too.

But it looks like our dreams of him walking down the aisle (with Pippa Middleton we might add), have been dashed!

During a tour of London's Royal Hospital Chelsea's infirmary yesterday, 85-year-old army veteran, William Titchmarsh asked the prince whether or not he'd be tying the knot too.

Harry replied: "Not for a long time.

“Who put you up to ask me that?"

Harry also watched the annual Chelsea Pensioner's parade and made a cheeky dig at his older brother, saying: "I find it terrifying that your drill is so much better than my brothers', but it doesn't surprise me.

"The Army, for me and thousands like me, is a family. In that respect, for veterans coming here, it must be like coming home. That is why this place matters, and always will."

We'll have to pack away the bunting and memorabilia for another few years by the sounds of things. Dammit...

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