EXPLICIT - The Geordie Shore Cast Play ‘I Have Never’

Part Two…

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EXPLICIT - The Geordie Shore Cast Play ‘I Have Never’
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Ok, so we’ve already given you the first half of our game of I Have Never with the Geordie Shore cast, but now it’s time to get naughty…

Not for the faint-hearted (Don’t say we didn’t warn you!)...

I have never streaked…
Standing: Charlotte, James, Gary, Jay, Greg
Do you mean on football pitches?
Nope, anywhere… have you ever run down the street naked or…
Oh aye, I think I have once! I was drunk mind.
Vicky? No?
Oh Vicky wouldn’t!
Charlotte: Vicky doesn’t like stuff like that!
Vicky (screwing up her nose): It’s just inappropriate like!
James: If all of us lads ran down the street naked she’d probably turn around.

I have never thrown up on a stranger…   
Standing: No one (thankfully)

I have never kissed a member of the same sex…
Standing: No one…
(Silence, boys shaking heads)

Gary: Charlotte has!
Vicky: You did it on the show
Charlotte: Oh, what with Sophie?
James: Have you ever kissed a girl before?
Charlotte: What, kiss as in peck?
James: Nah, like a kiss!
Gary: A neck on!
Charlotte: Oh...!

I have never had a threesome…
Standing: (James, Gary, Jay, Greg)
James (looking hesitant as to whether he should stand up):
I’ve had a foursome…
You can stand up for that.
I’ve had four girls, four lads. I’ve had five girls, three lads.
Jay: He’s had orgies this kid!
(lots of laughter)
I had a threesome last night!
Did you?
Good… Are you all still in the house?
Vicky: That’s just how they behave normally!

I have never cheated on my partner
Standing: Jay, Gary
See, I don’t wanna stand for this one…
I’ve never had a proper girlfriend.
Really? How old are you?
20. I don’t want one.
Jay: I have once, but I felt so guilty after I done it I told her the next day. I don’t cheat…
Not so guilty feeling Gary?
Nah! I’ve had five girlfriends but I didn’t cheat on one of them. All the rest I did.
Good… so statistically speaking, you’re quite likely to cheat.
But if I met the right girl I wouldn’t.

I have never been spanked
Standing: James, Gary, Jay, Greg, Charlotte
(Boys all immediately stand up in a ‘of course’ manner)
All stand. Come on, everyone should be standing.
Greg: What did you say? Spanked?
Vicky: If a bloke spanked me I’d punch him in the f@*king face!
James: What? If you’re on top of a lad right, banging him and he’s grabbing you and slapping you – I do!
Vicky: Just no!

I have never called someone the wrong name whilst having sex
Standing: James, Gary, Jay, Greg
(All the boys nod in remembrance…)
Ahh sh*t, I have!
Jay: I have like.
Greg: I have… sometimes you’ve got another girl in your head.
Pardon Greg? Sometimes you have another girl in your head?
Gary: My mate calls it Bucking Bronco… he does it on purpose. You know when you like (motions doing ‘it’ from behind) and you’re holding her neck, he did it in Magaluf, and he goes ‘go on Laura” and the girl tries to turn around as she’s like ‘what the f**k?’ He sees how long he can stay on for. I swear to god!
I have never sent nude pictures of myself to someone else
Standing: Charlotte, James, Gary, Jay, Greg
Jesus Christ, I just did this twenty minutes ago…
No Vicky?
Aye I know… sorry.
Gary: She’s boring. I might stay standing up!
Is this a regular thing?
Oh aye, bit more wary now like!
James: Oh no I wouldn’t send one now.
Gary: I wouldn’t send one now until I really knew that person. Like on Twitter, or I had this bb from this amazing girl with this picture, she’s got like ten followers… she asked me to send a picture so that we could exchange photos but I was like ‘no chance.’

I have never had sex on a plane
Standing: No one…
It’s a bit hard that!
Jay: I know someone that has…
James: But Magaluf’s coming so you never know!
So if anyone see’s you on the plane and wants to invite you… (laughter)

I have never had sex on a train
Standing: No one…

I have never had sex in a club
Standing: James, Gary, Jay, Greg
I’ve had sex in a nightclub!
Greg: I’ve had a blow-job
Jay: In Weatherspoons!
Are we talking in the toilets?
Oh aye, in the toilets!
Gary: In the toilets in the club, I’ve had a little (remembers that he is being recorded), oh no… too much!

Well… we never expected to blush so much!

Still to come… we have a quick fire round of Would You Rather and the cast mentally prepare us for a night out in Newcastle!

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