Beyonce Makes Children Cry

As she makes a surprise appearance in Harlem...

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Beyonce Makes Children Cry
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After giving us three show shopping performances last week, Beyonce headed home earlier this week, for what we thought would be for a much needed rest...But it appears as though Bey had other things on her mind.

The star, who has been named the best act of the Glastonbury Festival 2011, made a surprise appearance at New York's Harlem Target store, much to her young fans delight.

According to MTV, the store which was celebrating it's one year anniversary, had invited children from the local Boys and Girls Club for a little do, unbeknownst that Beyonce would be popping in to say hello.

It is thought that during her song, Countdown, the star took to the stage to give the kids a hug, before letting them carry on dancing and having fun.

The star could be heard telling the young crowd: "I'd like to thank the Boys and Girls Club for coming out. I hope y'all had fun learning the choreography to 'Countdown' today. I hope you guys enjoy the new album 4."

It was also reported that a few of the kids had teas in their eyes from the sheer happiness Beyonce bought them.

We. Heart. Beyonce. ALOT!

Queen B wowed the Glastonbury crowd...

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