Jay Z And Ashley Cole To Launch Restaurant Together

Does Jay know what he's getting himself into?...

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Jay Z And Ashley Cole To Launch Restaurant Together
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Out of all the business partners in the world, US rapper and Beyonce's husband, Jay Z had to choose Ashley Cole to go into business with.

The pair, who have reportedly become bosom buddies, are planning to launch a restaurant in London which will aim to give jobs to young people who are from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Speaking about his new partnership with the rapper, the BBC reports Ashley saying: "I don't do things to try and get publicity or anything like that.

"It was a great way for me to be working with people like Jay-Z and with great entrepreneurs who are going to try and make this restaurant a success. "I've always loved Jay-Z's music and loved what he's done."

The footballer, who has vowed to re-marry Cheryl Cole, added: "I know how hard it is to get a job because my mum had chances to get a job and never got them so hopefully I can give something back and this is a great way of doing it."

What do you think? Will Ashley and Jay succeed?

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